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Parties to the discovery of - Rome

Parties to the discovery of new continents as it North America, Asia, ii South America, Australia and Asia. You can enjoy the breathtaking view of New York sulia Citte climbing the Empire State Building, hiking in the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas or a walk in the lungs Walk in Miami Beach, visit San Francisco, Los Angeles or Boston. If you love The sun and you want to dive in warm climates in the winter ii South America à ª en continent Ideals, could cause them to participate in the famous carnevate of Rio de Janeiro, to let you go to a tango Argentina in Buenos Aires, relax lying on blanchissIma splaggia Boca Chico in Santo Domingo or visit the museums of St. Paul. For a warm, oriental fragrances and flavors '[' Asia offers many exciting destinations such as Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo and Shanghai. Many other magical places are waiting for you, such as Hammamet in Africa, cul you melte